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Are you trying to get MSPO certification for your palm oil plantation?

Trying your best to prove how healthy your plantations are? Which on the other hand make you want to search for the best fertilizer and soil for your crops? Well, good news! You might want to get your hands on some compost for the best result of your plantation as well as verifying your credibility once you get the cert from MSPO later.

So, what are the benefits you can gain from having compost as an essential ingredient for your plantation? First and foremost, compost has the ability to make the soil very much easier to work with than it originally was. A variety of life it brings such as bacteria, fungi, certain kinds of insects as well as worms are essential in supporting the health and growth of your palm oil. The microbes especially, help in the break down of organic materials. It also helps to compose nitrogen into nutrients within the plant.

Besides that, all of the organisms being mentioned up there which can be found abundantly in compost will help to create an aerated area in the soil. Say if you get yourself a poor and lifeless soil, be rest assured that compost will do the thing for you. it will act as a fighter in combating the diseases as well as pests which could destruct the soil. It also sustains the waters in soil by defending it from any unwanted runoffs.

And due to the fact that compost has the capability of decreasing the chance of runoff in the soil, this will definitely improve the root systems of the plants. This will result in zero use of synthetic fertiliser for your plantation as it will do more harm than good for your crops. The good bacteria in the compost will cater in fighting chemical pesticides in the soil. Online apply MSPO certification proves how it could hold water better than any other soil.

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In conclusion, you should change to compost as soon as possible if you are now using synthetic fertilizer to grow your plantation. There are a lot of advantages you can get from using compost as the most powerful medium to rear your crops.

All the best!