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Halal Certification in Singapore

Sometimes you may have noticed an Arabic symbol on some restaurants in Singapore or sometimes you might see a sign saying ‘Halal’ or ‘Halal Certified’. You might be wondering what this is? Well you’re in luck! As I shall now explain halal certification in Singapore!

Let us start with the basics, let us start with the word ‘halal itself. Halal comes from the Arabic word translating to ‘permissible’. It is basically food that Muslims are permitted to eat. When a product, in this case a food product, is listed as halal, it means that is contains no traces of pork, as Muslims are religiously not allowed to eat pork. But if it contains meat from animals Muslims can eat, like chicken, lamb or beef, the animal for the meat must be slaughtered in accordance to Islamic guidelines, in short, a prayer to God must be said before slaughtering the animal and the animal must be butchered with a sharp knife. It must also be painless for the animals and the animals must not be in distress, meat from animals who have suffered is not considered halal.

Many halal businesses would usually get their meat from halal meat supplier Singapore. The reason being that halal meat suppliers are usually more trusted compared to other meat suppliers. Halal meat suppliers will make sure that their meat are definitely halal. It is important to muslims to eat halal meat. You can’t get meat from a normal supplier as eventhough they say that their meat is halal, you will never know if it is really halal or they are just simply saying it is, without any proof of it. Make sure you do abit of research in order to ensure that you are getting real halal meat and not fake ones.

There are many cases whereby there are fake halal meat so make sure that you are choosing the right one for you.