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Phone Charging Tips that will Keep You Away from Phone Technicians

One of the first parts of the phone that will go down is the battery and this is because of how the owners charge their phone. If you want your batt to have a long lifespan, you should make sure you charge it properly.

Unlike before where you really need to make sure that your phone is completely charged, that is not the case anymore these days. Yes, and this is why, you should refresh your mind and learn about the new trends in charging smartphones.

With the smartphones, or what they called the touch-screen phones, you don’t need to charge it until 100%. In fact, you can only charge it until 80% and that should be enough.

Charging overnight might be more convenient for you, but not for your phone. You have to remove the phone once it is completely charged. Idle charging is not good for the phone. It can cause overheating.

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And lastly, the less you charge your phone, the better and make sure that you don’t wait until it shuts down on you. This is definitely not good for the battery.

Do you know someone who is a phone technician? You can ask for tips from him about phones and get a free iphone battery replacement too!

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