studying in library - Tips In Handling A Failing Grade In College

What To Do When You Fail In College

Are you problematic right now because you have failing grades? When you are in college already, like you will continue studying and taking a diploma course, you must be serious with your grades as that will reflect in your credentials when applying for a job later on. Jika anda ingin memohon kolej negeri, anda harus memilih kolej yang berprestasi.

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So, what can you do if you have failing grades? Check this out:

studying in library - Tips In Handling A Failing Grade In College
  1. Yes, this is definitely not a good thing and it is understandable if you panic. However, getting panicky is not really helpful and this can cloud your decisions on your next step. So relax and try to figure out what you should do.
  2. The first step is for you to see the instructor concerned and see his records. Even if you are not making your own records, though you should the next time, for sure you can remember your scores or your grades on the previous weeks and months. If you still have your results, you can compare them to that of your teacher’s as there is a chance, he has recorded it incorrectly.
  3. If the record of your instructor is accurate, like you really have a failing mark, you can try to ask him if there is something you can do, like maybe he can give you a project so your grade will be corrected. If there is only a little discrepancy, this might be possible.  
  4. If step 3 won’t work still, I guess there is nothing you can do but accept the fact that you have failing grades indeed and try to assess your study habits as well as your priorities so, by the next grading period, this will not happen again. Note that, since you are already in college, your grades can somehow affect your future once you join the working force.
  5. Try to get some help. Maybe your instructor can suggest a more effective study habit or maybe he can pinpoint to you what you need to prioritise. You are not the first student who received a failing mark for sure and thus, they might be willing to assist you. After all, they will also be somehow affected when their students get a failing mark.
  6. As you are in the process of recovering your failing grade, it might be better if you take an extra mile like if there are extra assignments, you can talk to the instructor to just give it to you as you need to double your efforts. You are not only working on the grades for the current semester, at the same time, you also need to fill up the discrepancy of the previous. I am pretty sure your instructor will prioritize you unless there is another student who is in the same situation.

Watch this video for some studying tips:

There are really times when you need to experience a fall before you can realize that you have it all wrong. This way, you will be able to start afresh and this time, you will be wiser and you will know what to consider the most first.